Sodium Humate Function to Human

Sodium Humate Function to Human body has following functions

  1. Sodium Humate function to Blood Properties
  2. The red blood cells have the capability of carrying higher percentages of oxygen when in the presence of humate. Human subjects taking humate have reported feelings of euphoria, similar to hyperventilating, during the first few days of taking humate. This euphoria is a result of additional oxygen. Healing of injuries, as a result of additional oxygen, is much quicker.
  3. Helpful for Mineral Transfer
    Humates contain both humic and fulvic acids. The fulvic acid is the chelator that carries the minerals. Help to increase the absorption of calcium and transfer iodine from foods into the thyroid glands.Most importantly ,fulvic acid captures and removes toxic metals from the body.
  4. Cell Mutation
    Humic acid also significantly accelerated the healing process of experimentally induced ulcers
  5. Anti-inflammatory & Anti-Viral Properties
  6. Liver effect
    A large part of the humate takes an active part in the liver metabolism. The use of humate plays a role in the liver function and protects it somewhat from disease and/or disturbances.
  7. For women use humates in their menstrual color periods, they feel theirself more energitic body because of the ferritinic action of humates. Their psycological conditions are highly relaxed during those periods with using three humic salt tablets (soduim or potassium humate)/day.
  8. For children consume two spoons of humates syrup/day, they never become illness.
  9. Anti-viral, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammation, anti-tumor from hair to leg’s nails in my body. Most importantly it was natural anti-oxidant in the universe. Cloud also chelate heavy metals like cadmium, lead, mercury, and radionuclides.
  10. Sodium humate has a good antiseptic effect on soft-wound suppurative infection. Infected body cells, under the stimulation and damage of microorganisms, local cells lack oxygen to cause necrosis, and isolate harmful ions and poisons.
  11. Destroy health and expand the wound. After contact with the wound surface, sodium humate eliminates metal ions and poisons due to changes in physical and chemical properties, and the odor and secretion of pus are also reduced.
  12. Sodium humate quickly forms a protective film on the wound surface and shrinks the tiny blood vessels to stop bleeding. Because the molecular structure of sodium humate determines that it is both an oxidant and a reducing agent,
  13. Can separate nascent oxygen from the second, increase the internal respiration of cells, promote cell metabolism, and facilitate the survival of inter-ecological cells and the production of granulation. The infection is effectively controlled.