Potassium humate function

For Potassium humate function,Ore source potassium humate is a high-efficiency organic potassium fertilizer, because humic acid is a biologically active preparation, which can increase soil available potassium content, reduce potassium loss and fixation, increase crop potassium absorption and utilization, and improve Soil, promote crop growth, improve crop resilience, improve crop quality, and protect agricultural ecosystems. With the deepening of the concept of balanced fertilization, the source of humic acid has been accepted by more and more people, and is expected to be high.

Potassium humate function1

If the soil is acidified or saline-alkali, the acid source can be used to adjust the acid and alkali to create a good growth environment for the roots of the crop. The so-called roots are born, the roots are dead, and the roots are deep and leafy. This is the truth.

Potassium humate function2

Soil salinization, compaction and organic matter deficiency after excessive fertilizer, can reduce soil conductivity by using potassium humate, reduce free salt in soil and change soil aggregate structure.

Potassium humate function3

After using the biological microbial agent, the effect is not satisfactory. The biological bacteria can be used together with the ore source potassium humate . The ore source potassium humate can provide carbon source for the biological bacteria, increase the breeding speed and quantity of the beneficial bacteria, form the dominant bacteria group, and form the space occupation. Position, squeeze out the living space of harmful bacteria, so that the biological bacteria can play a greater role.

4, the ground temperature is low, because potassium dissolved in water will lead to a decrease in water temperature, and the addition of ore source potassium humate can alleviate the adverse effects of low temperature on the root system. In addition, after applying the source of potassium humate, the surface color is deeper, and it is easier to absorb sunlight, which is conducive to raising the ground temperature.

5.Before the onset of the dry season and the rainy season, the use of ore source potassium humate will reduce the field losses after drought and locust disaster to a certain extent. The more severe the extreme weather, the more obvious the role of ore source potassium humate on crops.

6, crop root dysplasia, premature aging, the use of mineral source potassium humate, mineral source can promote the potassium humate development of crop capillary roots.

7.For crops that require color and surface finish, use ore source potassium humate. Because the source of potassium humate can promote the synthesis of wax, keratin and lignin on the surface of crops.

8.For crops that need to be inflated, use the source of potassium humate, because the source of potassium humate can increase the number of cells in the enlarged part and increase the cell volume.

9.For crops that are weak and need to recover quickly, use the source of potassium humate.