Potassium Humate Function and Application

Potassium Humate Function

  1. Potassium Humate Function to Improve the soil structure,increase fertilizer efficiency, stimulate plant growth, enhance resistance of plants .
  2. Increase enfficiency of chemical fertilizer.Formulate potassium humate with inorganic fertilizer can reduce nitrogen loss and acitivate phosphorus,Can fix activation of soil trace elements as well as nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients gradually released for plants needs.
  3. As drought-resistant agents, promote root development and improve root vigor,roots can absorb more water and nutrients, reducing plant stomatal opening strength, leaf transpiration and plant water consumption.Also enhanced cold tolerance.
  4. Potassium humate can reduce agriculture input cost.Part of the humic acid itself is the soil organic matter can recover the polluted soilm,If mixed use with chemical fertilizer  can reduce the usage of chemical fertilizer, improve fertilizer efficiency and reduce the cost of agriculture.
  5. Potassium Humate function to degradate of pesticide residues in soil, adsorpt of heavy metal, eliminate or reduce of soil pollution.
  6. The water absorption of clay particles is generally 50% ~ 60%, while the water absorption of potassium humate can reach 500% ~ 600%. Conducive to improving soil moisture conditions
  7. It is the organic-inorganic complex that determines the soil fertility. Generally, the content of inorganic mineral colloids in the soil is as high as 95% or more, which has a certain effect on the basic fertilizer in the soil. It is not possible to change the colloids and humic acids by artificial measures.
  8. About 5% of the inorganic complex, potassium humate is used to increase the content of humic acids in the soil, so that potassium humate becomes an adhesive for the formation of soil aggregate structure. Improve soil organic-inorganic mixing.
  9. Increasing the large particle size water-stable aggregates of the soil improves the soil structure, so it is said that the use of potassium humate can effectively improve the physical structure of various soils.Foliar spraying of potassium humate can reduce stomatal conductance and reduce water transpiration and loss.
  10. According to the test, spraying potassium humate on wheat has reduced the stomatal conductance of wheat leaves by 33.7% compared with the control. It reduces the stomata opening and closing of wheat, and also provides nutrients for wheat.
  11. Potassium humate contains a variety of chemically and biologically active functional groups, which can stimulate the growth and development of crops.
  12. It can make the seeds germinate early, emerge early, flower early, and set fruit early. At the same time, it can increase root length, root volume and root vitality. To enhance the ability of crop roots to absorb nutrients and water.
  13. Potassium humate can enhance the enzyme activities in soil and plants, regulate crop physiological and metabolic functions, and enhance the adaptability of crops to adverse environmental conditions.

Potassium Humate Application 

  1. Potassium humate is strongly recommended used with Urea MAP DAP and MKP.
  2. Potassium humate could largely stabilize nitrogen and release lock up phosphorus in soil and increase soil water holding capacity,
  3. Will help to create optimal structure of soil for plants to absorb micro elements and other nutrients,block the heavy metals absorbed by plants thus stopped transfer to human.

Application Dosage: 5% of the total blend.