Super Sodium Humate

Super Sodium Humate is in both flake and powder form,Humic acid more than 70%,100% water solubility.Mostly used in pollution water to remove toxic metals,mud adjuster in oil drilling,additives for feed.

Main Specification

 AppearanceBlack FlakeBlack Powder
 Product codeSHA-NaHA-1-FSHA-NaHA-1-P
 Humic Acid(dry basis)75.0% min75.0% min


1.Used as binder for coke ,coal ,other metal powder.

2.Feed Additives,can absorb toxins and heavy metals from protein,stabilize intestinal flora and to enhance animal growth to stimulate the immune system.

  • Sodium humate Provide necessary sodium which is inorganic electrolyte for animal health and need to maintain good level.
  • Balance beneficial bacteria like intestinal flora to promote feed efficiency thus increase weight at least 5%-15%
  • Sodium humatecan help to form a protective film on the mucous lining of the gastro-intestinal tract,which could prevent excessive losses of water via the intestine.
  • Sodium humate has CEC which could help to absorb toxin and heavy metals before it cause cellular damage,thus remove them out of body to avoid tumor.
  • Stronger gut biology effects ,the organic acids can assist the breakdown of both the carbohydrate and protein components of bacteria and virus particles while supporting the proliferation of beneficial probiotic species.

3.Use as water cleanning agent,the industrial pollution river ,lake,or ocean.

Super Sodium Humate TDS and MSDS

Super Sodium Humate Technical Data Sheet

Super Sodium Humate MSDS