Pharmaceutical Humic Acid

Pharmaceutical Humic Acid  is a natural ionic molecule, is rapidly being recognized as one of the key elements in many scientific breakthroughs of the 21st century. It is one of the most crucial factors in the reversal and prevention of disease, as well as the maintenance of good health.

Pharmaceutical Humic Acid Specification

 AppearanceBlack Powder
 Product codeSHA-PHA
 Total Fulvic acid & humic acid98%min
 Methyl Mercury(Hg)≤0.3mg/kg
 Inorganic Arsenic(As)≤0.1mg/kg

Main Function

  1. Humic acid makes all nutrients more absorbable.Humic acid makes vitamins and elemental minerals (metallic and clay based minerals) more absorbable by complexing them (refines, purifies, combines and re-refines) into organic, ionic forms that are easily transported into and through cell membranes. Once the nutrients are dissolved and complexed by the humic acid electrolyte, they become bio-chemically reactive, bio-available, mobile, and readily absorbable. In a nutshell, this means you get greater benefit from all your nutrients, whatever the source, when humic acid is present.
  2. Humic acid transports nutrients right into the cells.
  3. It can often transport many times its weight in dissolved nutrients and elements. Humic acid is so powerful that one single humic acid molecule is capable of carrying 70 or more minerals and trace elements into the cells.
  4. Humic acid makes cell membranes more permeable.It makes cell membranes more permeable, so nutrients can more easily enter the cell, as well as allowing waste to leave the cells more readily. One of the strongest advantages of humic acid minerals is that absorption greatly exceeds traditional tablet supplements. As with any nutrient or supplement, the only way your body can benefit, is if it is absorbed. Humic acid enhances this process.
  5. Humic acid increases absorption of oxygen and decreases acidity.  It quickly destroys acid in the body fluids which helps increase the amount of oxygen in the blood.A lack of blood oxygen is a major contributing factor for acidity. Excess body acidity is associated with virtually all degenerative diseases; including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, arthritis, kidney stones, tooth decay, sleep disturbances, depressive disorders, and more.
  6. Humic acidchanges the pattern of metabolism of carbohydrates.It also intensifies the metabolism of proteins, and has been shown to stimulate the immune system.
  7. Humic acidimproves enzyme development.Research has shown that humic acid improves enzymatic reactions in cells and produces maximum stimulation of enzyme development. Enzymes are responsible for over 300 complex reactions in the body. They are the life force behind vitamins and minerals. A lack of digestive enzymes can overstress the digestive system, leading to the malabsorption of nutrients.
  8. Humic acid is the most powerful natural free-radical scavenger and antioxidant known to science at this time.Free radicals circulate throughout the body, injuring tissue and making cells susceptible to infections, diseases, or worst of all, cancer causing mutations. Humic acidbonds to these free radicals, transforming them into organic, usable substances, or if the cell is too damaged, it is flushed out of the body. Humic acidis a powerful detoxifier.
  9. Humic acidhas the ability to complex and remove toxic heavy metals and other pollutants from the system. It can either alter them into useable compounds or eliminate them as waste. It detoxifies pollutants, including herbicides, radioactive elements, and toxic metals, by binding to these substances and flushing them out of the body, if unable to convert them.
  10. Humic acid’s function is to balance and energize all cell life and biological properties it comes in contact with.Scientists believe disease is rampant today because people are so deficient in humic acid/fulvic and the minerals, trace elements, and nutrients it contains.


  1. Don’t confuse humic acid minerals with colloidal minerals.
    You may be familiar with the term “colloidal minerals”. In reality, colloidal mineral molecules are too large to readily pass through cell membranes, and therefore offer limited benefits. It is important to make this distinction when purchasing a mineral product or you could miss out on the tremendous benefits of humic acid. Scientists have found that humic acid is the element that makes minerals absorbable, which gives it the ability to make a dramatic impact on all kinds of diseases and health problems that afflict us today.
  2. Although it isn’t advertised as a weight loss product, a great side benefit is that many people report losing excess weight after starting to takehumic acid. Body weight balances naturally because humic acid helps correct chemical and hormonal imbalances, assists the proper metabolism of food, and diminishes mineral deficiency cravings. When these changes occur, many people don’t have the desire to eat as much, and don’t crave breads, pastas, and sweets as much.
  3. More on heavy metal build-up.Because humic acid minerals are organic, they will not build up in the body tissues, as do metallic and clay based minerals. When presented as organic Pharmaceutical Humic Acid complexes, cells have the ability to accept or reject minerals, including aluminum, lead, arsenic, mercury, etc., at their discretion. It should be considered though that these minerals may not necessarily be present to “nourish” cells, but are needed to act as “electrodes” in the HA electrolyte solution. In that capacity they are probably most essential for bio-reactions, electron transfer, catalytic reactions and transmutations. It is obvious that when metals, minerals and trace elements become complexed into humic acid, they take on an entirely new property of availability, unlike their original form. It is when humic acid is not present that one should seriously worry about toxic buildup from any source.
  4. Humic acid is no longer readily available in today’s plants.The mineral content of our soils is extremely low right now. Farm lands have been overused and minerals are not being replaced the way nature intended. Even organic foods can be deficient because of our depleted soils. Scientists feel this could account for the dramatic rise in health problems that plague our “humic acid/fulvic starved” society.Foods with high humic acid content are very difficult to obtain, making it essential that we supplement our diets with this essential molecule.