Nitro Humic Acid

Nitro Humic Acid is obtained from nitric acid treated humic acid .Has higher Cation Exchange Capability and activity,have both powder and granules form.

Nitro Humic Acid is one kind of high polymer heterogeneous aromatic material contains hydroxyl, carboxyl, phenolic hydroxyl, nitryl and other active groups with black brown powder or granular form.
As high dispersion colloidal material, it’s acidic, slightly soluble in water.

Nitro Humic Acid Specification

 AppearanceBlack PowderBlack Granule
 Product codeSHA-NHA-PSHA-NHA-G
 Humic Acid(dry basis)50.0% min50.0% min


1.Nitro Humic acid are extremely important as a medium for transporting nutrients from the soil to the plant because they can hold onto ionized nutrients, preventing them from leaching away.

2.Nitro Humic acids are also attracted to the depletion zone of the plant root. When they arrive at the roots, they bring along water and nutrients the plant needs.

3.In other words, the positive (cation) is attracted to negative (the living root). Nitro Humic acids hold cations (positive ions) in a way they can be more easily absorbed by a plant’s root, improving micronutrient transfer to the plant’s circulation system.

This works because humic acids (ulmic, humic, and fulvic) pick up positive ions and are then attracted to the root depletion zone and to the hyphae micro-tubes of mycorrhizae.

4.Some of the micronutrients are released from the humic acid molecule as they enter the root membrane, but we are now realizing that the plant will also uptake some of the lighter molecular-weight humic acids as well.

5.In essence, the humic substances are chelating such cations as magnesium (Mg2+), calcium (Ca2+), and iron (Fe2+). Through chelation, humic substances increase the availability of these cations to plants.

6.Increasing physiological metabolismEnhancing activity of invivo enzymeRetaining water and fight drought IndustryImproving the compact result caused by long-time using of chemical fertilizersNeutralizing both acidic and alkaline soils as well as regulating PH-value of soilReducing nitrate leaking into the groundwater and protecting underground waterIncreasing the effectiveness of herbicide, pesticide and fungicide.


1. Using 50-100kgs/ha per crop season

2. Used as muti-functional compound and basal fertilizer

3. Effecting as soil ameliorator, plant growth stimulator and fertilizers

Nitro Humic Acid Technical Data Sheet

Nitro Humic Acid MSDS