Humic Acid

Humic Acid(Acid Humic) is non water soluble with pH 4-6,soluble in alkaline solution,have both powder and granules form,extracted from leonardite or lignite.Mostly used as soil conditioner,or raw material for organic fertilizer.

Main Specification

 AppearanceBlack PowderBlack GranuleBlack PowderBlack Granule
 Product codeSHA-HA-1-PSHA-HA-1-GSHA-HA-2-PSHA-HA-2-G
Organic Matter(dry basis)85.0%min85%min80.0%min80%min
 Humic Acid(dry basis)60.0%min60%min50.0%min50%min
 Particle size /mesh60mesh2-4mm60mesh2-4mm
Granule Radial Load012N012N

Main Function

1.Humic Acid promote the buffering power and fertility of soil by improving the structure.

  • In sandy soil, humic acid has strong cation exchange capacity to retain water and beneficial micro nutrient,as result, increase fertility of soil through.In heavy and compact soil , will work with fungi to construct a crumb structure root to absorb water oxygen and nutrient also improve root penetration.Neutralize both acidic and alkaline soil to release the beneficial metal ions, furthermore, so it can promote absorption by plants.
  • In alkaline soil, beneficial ion and other trace elements can not be absorbed by plants,humic acid can buffer the pH and convert the nutrients and trace elements into absorbable form and promote their uptake by the roots.
  • In acidic soil, will largely reduce the toxins such as the ally aluminum and heavy metals, which will be bonded firmly and immobilized ,thus, their toxicity is reduced and phosphate is bonded by aluminum is released.
  • In salinalised soil, Salts are split up by the high cation exchange capability, cation (eg.Ca, Mg) are bonded and chelated.

2.Humic Acid can increase fertility of soil and utilization of chemical fertilizers.

  • Can lock N and activate K ,unlock P from soil and slow release.
  • Chelate TE and slow release


  1. 25kgs woven or kraft bag with liner inside.
  2. According to customer requirement.


1.As soil conditioner for soil application.

2.As chemical fertilizer additives.