Bio Fulvic Acid

Bio Fulvic Acid Powder also called Bio Potassium fulvate,is important plant source fulvic acid  salt, complete water soluble. Could be used for foliar spray and drip irrigation.

Main Specification

Product nameBio Fulvic Acid 60%Bio Fulvic Acid 50%
AppearanceYellow PowderBrown Powder
Product codeSHA-BFA-60%SHA-BFA-50%
Water solubility100%100%
Fulvic Acids(Dry basis)60.0%min50.0%min
Calcium(CaO dry basis)5.0%min/
Potassium(K2O dry basis)/10.0%min

Bio Fulvic Acid Function

  1. Fulvic acid helps create a desirable soil structure that facilitates water infiltration and helps hold water within the root zone.
  2. Fulvic acid and Humates stabilize or assists in the degradation of toxic substances such as: nicotine, aflatoxins, antibiotics, shallots, and most organic pesticides.
  3. Seeds are coated in our seed mix (50% powdered Humates) or dipped in fulvic acid , humic acid or liquid Humates it improves the strike rate and speeds growth.
  4. Fulvic acid have a very pronounced influence on the growth of plant roots. When humic acids and/or fulvic acids are applied to soil enhancement of root initiation and increased root growth.
  5. Fulvic acids are excellent foliar fertiliser carriers and activators. Their application in combination with trace elements and other plant nutrients, as foliar sprays, can improve the growth of plant foliage, roots, and fruits.
  6. As foliar fertilizer synergist solve the organic chelating and antioxidant capacity of divalent iron , its solution is oxidized store growth .
  7. Increased the foliar surface activity and penetration , enhanced adhesion and rapid plant foliar absorption .
  8. Improves foliar fat and more nutrients to function, especially humic acids , amino acids, organic high calcium content of plant calcium supplement nutrients have a significant effect .
  9. Can increase nutrients and trace elements physiological activity and operating efficiency , due to the small molecular weight B -type products , and more active groups , and have a strong affinity chelating power and form a water-insoluble organic chelates , for operation with the absorption of nutrients have strong physiological functions and biological activity.
  10. For Soil improvement and conditioning aspects.  Soil is the basis of a variety of plant life , soil physical and fertility conditions or bad decisions and final crop yield, if the soil is poor ( permeability, aggregate structure , organic matter, fertility and nutrients , pH , water retention , fertilizer conservation , etc. ) will cause a lot of adverse effects ( poor growth , developmental delay, soil compaction, salinization hazards, water Quefei , physiological diseases , etc. ) , or even to grow crops , when crop failure have occurred.
  11. According to the soil survey, two-thirds of the country ‘s arable land have different levels of soil problems , saline coastal and northern South acidic soil, especially soil compaction , low organic matter, retain water and poor soil fertility , fertilizer runoff and fixed serious , fertilizer use rate of only 30-40 %. In such soil conditions, unfavorable agricultural sustainable development and high yield. Therefore , the problem is a major issue soil current development of agricultural production, many experts have been discussing and try to resolve .


1.25kgs woven bag or kraft bag with liner inside.

2.According to customer requirement.

Bio Fulvic Acid TDS and MSDS

Bio Fulvic Acid Technical Data Sheet

Bio Fulvic Acid MSDS