Humic acid,fulvic acid and humate function to seed and root

Whether seeds are coated in our seed mix (50% powdered HuMates/50% seaweed) or dipped in fulvic, humic or liquid HuMates it improves the strike rate and speeds growth, as the example below demonstrates.

In order for improved germination to occur the humic substances must be present within the cells of seeds. As the humic substance enter the seed cells, respiration rate increases, and cell division processes are accelerated. These same respiratory processes enhance root meristem development and activate other growing points within the seedlings. Humic substances have been demonstrated to enhance mitotic activity during cell division under carefully controlled experiments. Placement of these humic substances on seeds (seed treatment) or within the seed furrow will significantly improve seed germination and seedling development.
We are conducting trials at present to determine which is the best treatment for a range of seeds.


HuMates have a very pronounced influence on the growth of plant roots. When humic acids and/or fulvic acids are applied to soil enhancement of root initiation and increased root growth are observed.
In most experimental studies plant root growth is stimulated to a greater extent compared to stimulation of aboveground plant parts. Carefully designed experiments have been conducted under controlled conditions to measure plant response. For example, replicate treatments of plants grown within the greenhouse, with and without humic acid and fulvic acids has illustrated how humic substances influence root growth.

In repeated experiments the treated root weights averaged from 20 to 50% heavier compared to the weights of non treated roots. The type of humic substance applied had a significant influence on the percent of increase. Not all humic substances contain a desirable molecular mixture of humins, humic acids and fulvic acids capable of rapid stimulation of root growth. Some humic substances, because of their large molecular sizes, failed to stimulate plant root development.

Root stimulation occurs when the smaller molecular components within fulvic acid occur at a concentration which ranges from 10 to 100 mg/liter of solution. Growth is further stimulated when fulvic acids are used in combination with humic acids and other required plant nutrients.
This is why HuMates, with all the active ingredients, is the best for plant stimulation and why it is necessary to have high quality humates with strong levels of both humic and fulvic.