Humic acid and carbon cycle

Humic acid an important member of the earth’s carbon cycle of humic acid is closely related to the earth will recover soil color.

Earth’s tranquility, humic acid must play a role, because humic acid is a “black carbon storage device” that maintains the soil carbon cycle, which has a great impact on the biosphere carbon balance.

  1. Humic acid carbon accounts for 80% of soil organic carbon, accounting for 67.6% of the Earth’s biosphere, more than four times that of terrestrial vegetation, and more than three times that of atmospheric carbon dioxide.
  2. It shows that humic acid is an indispensable member of the Earth’s carbon cycle. It has the important influence of “taking the whole body and moving the whole body”.The harmony between humic acid and fertilizer is the harmony with the soil.
  3. Let black humic acid collect large and small trace elements and beneficial elements, through organic and inorganic combination, feed back the soil and build “earth and fertilizer harmony”, which has important practical significance for the reform of fertilizer lending side, sustainable soil production and soil carbon storage stability.
  4. let humic acid coordinate the balanced supply of nutrients between “soil-fertilizer-crop” and create a new direction of “fertilizer-type industry 4.0 era”, which is the historical mission of humic acid environment-friendly fertilizer.
    ——Zeng Xiancheng, Chairman of the China Humic Acid Industry Association
  5. Humic acid is a special wealth that blesses mankind in the earth’s ecological cycle. China’s humic acid resources (brown coal, weathered coal, peat) are 230 billion tons, and we should develop and utilize these valuable resources reasonably and efficiently.
  6. humic acid is great, absorbs the aura of the universe, sets the essence of history, and forms a multi-functional life factor. With her soil getting angry, agriculture has quality assurance, life has become more exciting, and the ecological environment is naturally clean.
  7. Research and practice have proved that humic acid series products can play an active role in soil, water and air pollution control.
  8. Especially in the soil heavy metal pollution control, soil desertification, acidification, salinization and other improvements, has a significant effect.
  9. we should cherish humic acid, use good humic acid, let humic acid serve the earth, let humanity continue to prosper.