Fulvic acid effect in melons and vegetables

Fulvic acid good effect in melons and vegetables,due toit is a high-activity organic substance stored in the ground and transformed by many years.

It is scientifically refined, essence of humic acid,proper concentration and good water solubility, does not contain any hormones and is non-toxic. The high-efficiency, high-activity, non-polluting and nutritious fertilizer is an easy-to-use organic green product.

Product introduction: Activate nutrients to prolong fertilizer efficiency: Bioactive enzymes in fulvic acid and humic acid can activate various soil nutrients, activate elements such as phosphorus, potassium, boron, molybdenum and zinc fixed in soil to form effective nutrients for plant utilization and increase soil.

Medium effective phosphorus, potassium 10-50%, trace elements 100%, improve fertilizer utilization rate of more than 20%, reduce fertilizer input, and extend fertilizer efficiency for more than 20 days.

Sending soil to eliminate the knot: continuous use of fulvic acid and humic acid can fundamentally eliminate soil compaction and loose soil, so that soil water, fertilizer, gas and heat can be coordinated, increase soil permeability, fertilizer and water retention, and improve plant drought resistance and resistance. Cold, anti-caries ability.

Increased yield of strong roots and strong seedlings: fulvic acid and humic acid can make plants more roots, faster roots, emergence of seedlings, seedlings, and improve disease resistance. For blight, root rot, bacterial wilt, downy mildew, rotten sputum, etc. Good control effect, especially for gray mold, powdery mildew and rust.

Increase crop yield by 20%, even more than 50%, and the grain is full, the fruits are said to be fresh, sweet and delicious, the vegetables are fresh, early maturity, prolonged harvest time, increased yield, harvested fruits, vegetables and flowers, sprayed fulvic acid and humic acid After fat, a nutrient protective film can be formed on the epidermis to prolong the shelf life of the product.

Mixed use of fertilizers and fertilizers: synergistic reduction: the amount of fulvic acid and humic acid mixed with pesticides will increase the fertilizer efficiency, thus reducing the amount of pesticides and reducing pesticide residues.

If mixed with the anti-bacteria to control apple ring disease, the amount of pesticides entering the pulp is reduced by more than 50% compared with the pure pesticide treatment. Simple application Green and environmental protection: low dosage, strong activity, no pollution is the ideal fertilizer for producing green products.

Application of crops: crops such as melons, fruits, vegetables, field crops, Chinese herbal medicines, etc.