Carbon base fertilizer Plus

The implementation standard is NY525-2012
Product common name: humic acid organic fertilizer
Main indicators: humic acid ≥ 45%, NPK ≥ 5%
Other active ingredients: medium and trace elements
Product specifications: 25kg

Top-Application Carbon base fertilizer Plus

Main effect
1. Effectively solve the phenomenon of fertility decline and de-fertilization in the middle and late stages of crops, so that the fertilizer effect is more durable and the fertilizer utilization rate is improved.
2. Water retention and drought resistance, increase ground temperature, enhance plant resistance, reduce pests and diseases, promote early maturity, reduce heavy metal ions in soils, absorb crops, slow down phytotoxicity, and improve fruit yield and quality.

3. Accelerate growth, promote growth and development, prevent falling flowers, fruit cracking, fruit shrinkage, improve product quality, and improve crop resistance to disease, insects, drought, mites, cold, salt and alkali.

4. Improve soil repair, prevent soil compaction, and increase soil water retention.

How to use and precautions
1. Fruit trees, 100-120 kg per mu.
2. Leafy vegetables, the amount of 80 kg per mu as the base fertilizer.
3. Root vegetables, 100-120 kg per acre.
4. Beans, 60-80 kg per acre.
5. Melons and fruits, 100-120 kg per acre.
6. Economic crops, 100 kg per mu.
7. Grain, 40-120 kg per acre.
It is recommended to use with the base fertilizer!

Does not contain any animal waste, antibiotics, urban sludge components
Loose soil and increase pellet structure
Strengthen soil fertility and fertilization capacity
Suppress soil diseases