Bio fulvic acid Function

The main function of bio fulvic acid has the following aspects

( 1 ) using biochemical fulvic acid as foliar fertilizer synergist solve the organic chelating and antioxidant capacity of divalent iron , its solution is oxidized store growth period.

( 2) bio fulvic acid increased the foliar surface activity and penetration , enhanced adhesion and rapid plant foliar absorption

( 3) bio fulvic acid improves foliar fat and more nutrients to function, especially humic acids , amino acids, organic high calcium content of plant calcium supplement nutrients have a significant effect

( 4 ) bio fulvic acid , can increase nutrients and trace elements physiological activity and operating efficiency , due to the small molecular weight B -type products , and more active groups , and have a strong affinity chelating power and form a water-insoluble organic chelates , for operation with the absorption of nutrients have strong physiological functions and biological activity.

The application scope and methods of bio fulvic acid.

Biol fulvic acid used as a foliar agent and powder products, the main agents or additives , chelating agents, synergists , surfactants ; also be used as fertilizers, pesticides and manure , fertilizer , bio-fertilizer , feed biological feed additives , synergists , and adhesives. This product is commonly used in fertilizer accounts for 1-2 % , foliar fertilizer or liquid fertilizer can account for 5-10% of the amount of fertilizer , less can be synergistic , multi- beneficial and harmless , safe and reliable, no residual pollution.

Bio fulvic acid in soil improvement and conditioning aspects.

Soil is the basis of a variety of plant life , soil physical and fertility conditions or bad decisions and final crop yield, if the soil is poor ( permeability, aggregate structure , organic matter, fertility and nutrients , pH , water retention , fertilizer conservation , etc. ) will cause a lot of adverse effects ( poor growth , developmental delay, soil compaction, salinization hazards, water Quefei , physiological diseases , etc. ) , or even to grow crops , when crop failure have occurred.