Bio Fulvic Acid Analysis Method

Bio Fulvic Acid Test No.1

Because aluminum sulfate can make fulvic acid coagulation Inju, the biochemical fulvic acid, the flocculation can be excluded by biochemical fulvic acid-Africa

Interference horse fulvic acid organic matter. Flocs of aluminum sulfate and its IR spectrum was removed after the metal ion portion of the flocculation limit, several wind

Values ​​of fulvic acid can exhibit characteristics of Sichuan. Therefore, a certain amount of accurately weighed or biochemical fulvic acid fulvic acid sample with a certain concentration of sulfuric acid

Aluminum flocculation or biochemical fulvic acid samples, sediment washed flocculation

The free aluminum ions, can be obtained accurately weighed after drying fulvic acid

Quality aluminum floc, and then measuring the ash fulvic acid aluminum floc

Points Gap. Quality aluminum floc acid, fulvic acid, removed

Ash aluminum floc, you can get quality fulvic acid, see Equation


Gravimetric method to quantify the use of fulvic acid or biochemical fulvic acid

Content. We define “flocculation gravimetric method.”

Bio Fulvic Acid Test No.2

Main Steps:

Flocculation gravimetry method of operation

Fulvic acid accurately weighed sample accurate to ±

Instrument] Erlenmeyer flask was added distilled water to make

Coincidentally solution of aluminum sulfate was added at a concentration of

Each solution was clever, and will be placed in a stirring ℃ water

Heating the bath, both intervals, cooled with stirring to a

At room temperature, water was added to the solution, to promote rapid floc precipitate filtered to give crude product The crude product was filtered and washed several times with distilled water

Until no sulfate ions in the filtrate after that no real aluminum ions ions tour

Air dried until constant weight, obtaining the mass precisely weighed. Then

℃ about ashed in a muffle furnace until a constant weight, was precisely weighed

Residue quality. Fulvic acid content is calculated by the formula