Saint Humic Acid is a leading supplier of humic acids and related products, with over 10 years of industry experience since our founding in 2010.

Headquartered in Suzhou, we operate two production plants and maintain a robust research team of over 100 employees, including R&D centers in Suzhou, Henan, and Beijing. Our raw materials are lignite and leonardite, which enable us to produce a wide selection of humic acids, humic salts, fulvic acids, and more.

With customers in over 90 countries worldwide, Saint Humic Acid has earned a reputation for quality products. Our main product lines include humic acid, sodium humate, potassium humate, nitro humic acid, potassium fulvate, fulvic acid, and carbon fertilizers.

At Saint Humic Acid, R&D is a top priority. Our R&D team consists of experienced chemical experts and postgraduate researchers focused on developing innovative new products. Our humic acids research is led by a renowned expert with over 17 years of specialty experience, and our fertilizer formulations are crafted by a veteran technician with over a decade of experience.

Our mission focuses on leveraging humic acids for scientific agriculture, animal feed, environmental protection, and healthcare applications to promote sustainability. Specific applications include: carbon-rich fertilizers for agriculture; feed additives for livestock and aquaculture; polluted soil and water remediation; increasing soil carbon sequestration; and humic-based health supplements.

Quality production and control are paramount at our facilities. With a monthly output of around 3,000 metric tons, we follow strict protocols to meet customer specifications at every stage from R&D through manufacturing. Our QC team rigorously tests and inspects every production batch.

We also emphasize responsive after-sales support. Our computerized records system tracks customer history for traceability, and we retain samples for four years. Our knowledgeable staff can provide guidance on product applications and field performance. With a focus on R&D, quality, and service, Saint Humic Acid aims to deliver solutions that are effective, eco-friendly, and sustainably focused.