Saint Humic Acid has been working in the fields of humic acids for more than 10 years,established in the year of 2010.
Main Products Humic acids,Sodium humate,Potassium Humate,Potassium Fulvate,Fulvic Acid

Main Products

Sodium Humate,Potassium Humate,Potassium Fulvate,Fulvic Acid

Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate or sodium humic acid is Humic acid sodium salt CAS No. 68131-04-4,with pH around 10-11, completely soluble in water ,in powder crystal flake form.

Potassium Humate

Potassium Humate (Humic Acid Potassium Salt) ,mainly used in agriculture.Completely soluble in water,with pH aournd 10, is humic acid potassium salt ,mainly used in agriculture.

Mineral fulvic acid

Mineral fulvic acid is extracted from lignite,have 3 grades with FA around 30%,50%,60%.in agriculture usually,work as soluble irrigation or spray fertilizer together with NPK.

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Certificate of Analysis of Sodium Humate

SODIUM HUMATE Date: DEC14th, 2017 Production date:DEC14th, 2017 Batch: 20171214BNAHA Expiry Date:2027–12-14   Standard Value Test Result Name Sodium humate Sodium humate Appearance Black flake Black flake Water solubility   100%min 100% Humic acid(dry basis) 65%min 69.2% Moisture 5% 4.55% K2O 10%max 9.1% Test:Wei juan     Checker:Li Xinping      Director:Qiao guang



Bio Fulvic Acid Analysis Method

Bio Fulvic Acid Test No.1 Because aluminum sulfate can make fulvic acid coagulation Inju, the biochemical fulvic acid, the flocculation can be excluded by biochemical fulvic acid-Africa Interference horse fulvic acid organic matter. Flocs of aluminum sulfate and its IR spectrum was removed after the metal ion portion of the flocculation limit, several wind Values […]


Humic acid function to strawberry

Potassium Humate used in straw berry

Potassium humate used in strawberry farming. Before transplanting we use potassium humate solution to water the young plants and also spray,its leaves and growth is obviously strong. Also we used humic acids based carbon base fertilizer and carbon plus before land cultivation. After flower stage we use potassium humate and bio fulvic acid as irrigation […]