Saint Humic Acid has been working in the fields of humic acids for more than 10 years,established in the year of 2010.
Main Products Humic acids,Sodium humate,Potassium Humate,Potassium Fulvate,Fulvic Acid

Main Products

Sodium Humate,Potassium Humate,Potassium Fulvate,Fulvic Acid

Sodium Humate

Sodium Humate or sodium humic acid is Humic acid sodium salt CAS No. 68131-04-4,with pH around 10-11, completely soluble in water ,in powder crystal flake form.

Potassium Humate

Potassium Humate (Humic Acid Potassium Salt) ,mainly used in agriculture.Completely soluble in water,with pH aournd 10, is humic acid potassium salt ,mainly used in agriculture.

Mineral fulvic acid

Mineral fulvic acid is extracted from lignite,have 3 grades with FA around 30%,50%,60%.in agriculture usually,work as soluble irrigation or spray fertilizer together with NPK.

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Potassium Humate Powder

Potassium humate soil amendment

Potassium humate is a soil amendment that can improve the soil properties and fertility by increasing the amount of potassium in the soil, which is an essential nutrient for plant growth and productivity. Potassium humate is derived from humic acid, which is a complex organic compound formed by the decomposition of organic matter. Humic acid […]


Potassium Humate

Potassium Humate Agriculture

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Potassium Humate Powder

How do you mix potassium humate?

Potassium humate is a soil conditioner that can improve the growth and health of plants. There are different ways to mix potassium humate depending on the form and the purpose of application. Here are some general guidelines: Potassium humate is derived from leonardite, which is a type of oxidized lignite (brown coal) that has a […]


Potassium Humate Powder

What is the content of potassium humate?

The exact content of potassium humate can vary depending on the source, production process, and intended use. However, as you’ve outlined earlier, potassium humate typically contains the following components.Potassium humate contains a mixture of organic acids and humic substances such as: In summary, potassium humate is composed of a diverse mixture of organic molecules and […]